"A visually stunning tragedy. It’s no wonder it won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s that good.- Collin Souter
Short Films in Focus for

"A film which is raw, detailed, and packed with emotion. The most important film that we have seen to date."

"The film builds an immersive visual and sonic world around its characters"  - Penelope Bartlett
From Innocence to Experience: A Conversation with Charles Williams for The Criterion Collection

All These Creatures is an atmospheric and deeply personal exploration of our parental relationships and issues such as mental illness and compassion"  - Paul Salt 
Charles Williams speaks with Paul Salt for Screen Mayhem

"'All These Creatures is cinema at the height of its powers. It's the type of film that stays with you for months or years, and perhaps becomes a life-changing experience altogether."  - Robert Misovic
Robert Misovic for Pendance Film

"What sets Williams’ piece apart is a sense of wonder in the smallest details"  - Catherine Bray
The best short films at Cannes 2018 by Catherine Bray for Sight and Sound

"The film pulses with its own teenage heat.. it has an empathy and humanity all its own."  - Joseph Earp
Creature Feature for The Music Magazine

"One of the most important short films of the year." - Malu Rocha
Malu Rocha for Nouse

"The short by Charles Williams is an existential poem about the layers forming the inner self. Touching and philosophical at the same time."  - Margherita Fontana
Margherita Fontana for Concorto Daily

"The film has a sense of haziness where reality and the dreamlike begin to collide with director Charles Williams evoking the uncertainty of teenage life alongside the chaos of adulthood."  - Laurence Boyce
The fast and the curious: 10 short films to watch at Encounters 2018 by Laurence Boyce for Sight and Sound

"It's essentially a mysterious process."
Charles Williams speaks with Filmic Catalogue

"Where does human personality come from? How much responsibility do we give people for their actions? And what mitigates that?"
No Easy Answers to Universal Questions by Natassia Chrysanthos for Sydney Morning Herald

"Williams took the unusual approach of casting without bias toward race or gender to find the right soul to inhabit the complex lead role and then rewriting the film around it." - Michael Ford
Charles Williams’ film All These Creatures selected for TIFF by Michael Ford for Flicks Daily

"The diverse cast also includes Mandela Mathia who portrays Mal... He was a refugee to Australia in 2009 and brings an extraordinary depth and compassion to the sensitive role."  - Paula Osa
Paula Osa for VultureHound

"It’s difficult, but I think if you have a parent that is volatile or violent, you have to separate yourself from that impact and find some kind of deeper understanding as you get older.. and mental illness is an incredibly important issue that hasn’t been presented very well on screen."
Charles Williams speaks with Dov Kornits for Filmink

"I think when you’re on the cusp of adolescence there is a less judgemental view of the world, more of a curiosity, and I thought that kind of openness would be the right prism to explore this issue."
Charles Williams talks All These Creatures, Mental Health And Yared Scott by James Prestridge for Close Up Culture

"A dream-poetic reflection on how the protagonist, a teenage young man, perceives his father's illness."  - Paula Osa
Paula Osa for Postimees

Director Charles Williams and Actor Mandela Mathia direct from Cannes by Kathryn Robinson for ABC News

How this Aussie filmmaker won a Palme d’Or at Cannes by Luke Waters for SBS News

Australian director Charles Williams wins the Palme d'Or for his short film by Jason Di Rosso for The Hub on Screen

Australian short film All These Creatures wins Palme d'Or at Cannes film festival TV Interview for ABC News Breakfast

"In a reflective, questing voiceover, a teenage boy compares the infestation of cicadas in their backyard with nagging organisms he imagines driving his father (Mandela Mathia) into bouts of violence, silence or mania."  - Stephanie Bunbury
Story of Australian Family gets Cannes Gong by Stephanie Bunbury for Sydney Morning Herald

Australian director Charles Williams about his win at the famous French film festival
What It’s Like to Win at Cannes by Nick Buckley for Broadsheet

Video Interview with Director Charles Williams live from Cannes
8 Short Films in Selection for Festival de Cannes

Podcast from Cannes - Interview with Charles Williams before the Awards Ceremony
From Cannes, and an interview with short film Palme d'Or winner Charles Williams by Andy Hazel for Cultural Capital Podcast

From Football United youth leader to Cannes Film Festival, this former refugee is a rising star
Interview with Belinda Henwood for UNSW

Australian Short Wins in Cannes
Interview with Helen Barlow for Screen Australia

"Williams’ fable of memory and parenthood should also see DoP Adric Watson fending off the feature film offers."  - Catherine Bray
Cannes Short Films: Spotlighting the Prize Winners and Screen's Picks by Catherine Bray for Screen Daily

“Working with Charles has always been rewarding. He has an incredible insight into all things sound. We spent a lot of time recording and re-recording the voiceover to get the nuances of the delivery just right."  - Craig Conway
All These Creatures Selected to Compete for Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or for Little Black Book

"We had to get everyone in character and have their backstories so when moments happen on screen they feel authentic and part of something larger."  - Charles Williams
Aussie Director in the Running for Screen Industry's Most Prestigious Prize by Broede Carmody for Sydney Morning Herald

"When you have a parent that causes a lot of damage you have to re-evaluate that as you get older."  - Charles Williams
A Melbourne-Made Film Set in 1990s Dandenong, Going to Cannes by Will Cox for Broadsheet